We facilitate connections

By keeping customer contact information private, our system allows people to interact and give out private information if and when they are ready.

What Is Incognito Systems

Incognito Systems is a CaaS (communication as a service) company with a multi-modal platform that allows partners to offer its end customers anonymous voice and video communication.

Who Is Incognito Systems

We are a team of product, design and technology experts - and patents holders of multi-modal communication. Our mission is to provide the best CaaS solutions that will add real, tangible value for our partners.

Why Incognito Systems

We provide an end-to-end, out of the box solution for partners to easily integrate with our anonymous communication applications.

Use Case Examples

Here are just a few of the use cases where Incognito Systems have applications that you can offer your customers.

Dating Sites

You want to increase member interaction and income with your dating site.  You can offer an added value, paid service where members can speak with each other anonymously until they are comfortable giving out their contact information.

Psychic Hotlines

You own a psychic hotline or online therapist service and want to increase call volume. You can offer an added value, paid service where customers remain anonymous when speaking with one of your psychics or therapists.

Online Tutoring

You own an online school and want to keep your tutors’ contact information anonymous from the students. Students signup online and pay (on a per minute basis) to speak with a Tutor.

Dating Site Flow

Options + Benefits

Anonymous Options

AVC - Anonymous Voice Connection
AVVC - Anonymous Voice and Video Connection
AVM - Anonymous Voice Mobile App

Customization Options

• UI customization
• Payment integration
• Call reporting
• Income reporting
• Funnel conversion reporting
• Support

Benefits To Partner

• Generate incremental revenue
• Offer added value services for customer retention
• Low start up costs
• Minimal integration and effort
• Customization of applications available upon request

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